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Hello film festites, we’ve got the D.A.B blog here~! That’s the Doobs-Adorn-Bean blog to all you out there. Well, we are now in the “Final Chapter” of our movie’s pre production, and we are working hard to bring you the BEST of the best. We finished shooting yesterday and we have been editing and working on music constantly; today we will have the assistance of the illustrious Mr. Alan in all of his glory, and recently film festita Jen Siff from the Pomelo crew has joined up with us to make our movie all that it can be. We all know that everyone is excited to see the final Adorn movie completed (us included too of course!) and we can now say with confidence that you will not be disappointed! We look forward to seeing everyone at all the showings (we play on May 15th~!) as well as the red carpet (shoutout to all the Adorn lovers out there!) and we hope that you enjoy the fruits (they’re huckleberries) of our hard labors!

PS: We’d like to thank everyone and everything that helped and Supported us along (you all know who you are! There are plenty of you!)


Due Date


Hey everyone what is up, Adorn here updating you on everything going on in huckleberry land. We just found out today that our due date will be April 27. There is something new going on this year,  Mr.Alan has decided instead of putting all of the movies on DVD and then giving them to members of the academy, he has decided to put all of the movies onto a secure website and only members of the academy will be able to access the website to view the movies. This is not only easier for Mr.Alan, but it is also better for us because now the due date of the film is now after we return from April break, and it gives us more time to fine tune the film and to make any alterations that we feel will need to be made to make the film the best film we can possibly make. With the new voting process hopefully crews will not be as stressed as they have in years past. Everything else is moving as planned with filming taking place almost every day during and after school and with us editing all the time, we continue to remain on task and on schedule. This week is a big week for us because we are going to attempt to finish filming adorn of the dead and adorns last gamble and we will also be filming a very key scene in breaking adorn. Well that’s it for me, it is insanely hot in here I am sensing some chill time after the film is done, so in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’ll be back”

Adorn’s Buzz


By now, you all have most likely seen the Buzz surrounding all of the movies. This is similar to that, but at the same time totally different. Starting in no particular order, we will begin with The Weaver Report, which has gained a Double Espresso rating by Mr.Alan. With Directors Derek Caneja, Pete Bruen, and Andrea Lee working with the infamous Jackie Gately, it appears that this will be one epic movie. Now we move to Wicked Man which gained a Venti Cafe Misto rating(whatever that means). With directors Pete Dugdale, Anthony Earabino, and Phil Reidy and with the eccentric Pat Maloney and new-comer Mike Hebner, this is going one of the best horror films that has ever been produced by the Walpole Film Festival. We now will move on to Promzilla, which has received a A Venti Iced White Choclate Mocha. With the directing of Rebecca Goula and Casey McGuill and with Nicky Brown as their main actress, this seems to have the making for a great prom theme movie. Next we move on to Triple-Dog Dare which has received a Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato rating. With the experience of Julianna Donaher and Kellie Jo McCann directing this movie, and with actors Chris Barajas and Becky Chariton, this movie will be giving other movies, a run for their money. Now we move into Marvin The Mentor, which received a Venti Black Iced Coffee with a shot of espresso, and with directors Jenny Landon, Kayla Sweeney, and Matt Johnson and with actors Marvin Jean-Simon and newcomer Matthew St.Martin, this movie will sure be a blockbuster. Next in the line up is The Full Windsor which received a Venti Iced Coffee with Milk rating. With directors Jenny Sifferlen and Rory Hardiman and actor Justin Connolly, and a report from an unnamed source, I have heard that the movie is going to great, we are going to just wait and see what this movie will do. Now we move onto A Serious Student, which received a Grande Caffe Americano rating. With directors Dan Meyers and Erin Batchelder and actors Dan Meyers, Luke Witherell, Ali Russo, and Colby Locke appears to be a great movie. Now we move onto the FIlm Festival 10th Year Documentary with directors Andrea Lee, Erin Batchelder, Matt Johnson, Phil Reidy, hopefully, this will represent the past decade of film festival movies properly. Now we are down to Finals Day which received A Tall Peppermint Hot Choclate rating. With Directors Hannah Mullen and Rory Hardiman and with actor Kyle Raftery, I have not heard much about this movie but I feel that this movie will be a great addition to the film festival. And last but not least, we arrive to Adorn:The Final Chapter which has received a Venti Black Coffee with a shot of espresso. With directors Dan Dubois and CJ Tempesta, and with seasoned actors Dan Adorn and John Griffin and with newcomer Hope Kelley, this appears to be an epic movie with a great story line. But Mr. Alan, hope would like to add that you spelled her name incorrectly, but no problems. Alright well this took a long time, but I feel that it represents the movies properly and now I must leave you readers with a great quote, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure”.



This is the last installment in what might go down as the greatest trilogy in film festival history: The Dan Adorn Trilogy. Now, before you dismiss this as another goofy Adorn movie, read the script. It’s probably the funniest script Jimmy has ever written—which is saying something—and it is also the most ambitious script of this year’s festival: big fight scenes, loaded with elaborate costumes and art-direction, and lots of faculty cameos. In other words, this is not an easy movie to direct. Luckily, after intense negotiations, CJ Tempesta agreed to once again take the helm of a Adorn movie and resurrect the previous glory that he helped achieve in The Day of Adorn. It may have been the best decision of his young career. CJ is crushing this movie—he is putting everything in life on hold for this movie (sorry ladies), and has a laser-like vision as to how this movie should look. He’s impressive to watch in action. CJ is helped out by co-director Dan Dubois. Doobs made his bones last year as Alvarez in Staples Over Walpole. Now he is behind the camera. Doobs also co-wrote part of the screenplay with his former director, Fast Jimmy Gillon. This industrious crew includes asst. director Steve Bean, who is learning just how complicated a film festival movie can be. This installment will be the most challenging role for Dan Adorn. He will have to rely heavily on his thespian training in order to capture each of the different roles required for this movie. Dan is joined by his trusty sidekick John Griffin. Griff finally has a big enough role in this Adorn movie to garner some attention from the academy. Film Festival newcomer Hope Kelly also plays a supporting role and has some memorable scenes that are sure to get the crowd going. The buzz is always strong around any Adorn film; although, last year’s installment was more of a cult film than a crowd-pleaser, so I think people might be overlooking this film. I think the lower expectations will play right into the hands of this crew. Watch out. Adorn is back.

Buzz: Venti Black Coffee with a shot of espresso.

MUSIC TRIVS: CJ has declared himself one of the worst Trivs player ever. He’s probably right, but Doobs and Adorn are not much better. Hope Kelly knows her alternative rock pretty well to get them some points, but really their fate is the hands of one man: Caleb Cofsky. Is Caleb that good? Yes. Caleb knows his music. His problem is that he isn’t up to the speed of Maloney; but for now, since he is in period 2 not 7, he doesn’t have to face Pat in most competitions. As Caleb goes, so does Huckleberry. We’ll see how far he can carry them.

Title Change!


Hey everyone Adorn, Hope and Colby here, we have breaking news from the land of Huckleberry!!!!!! We have finally decided on what the title of the movie should be. By popular vote, (period 2 film class), we have decided to go with the title Adorn in the USA. We are extremely excited that the title has finally been decided upon. Now that the title has been chosen, we can begin to film this great movie. We will commence tomorrow, but we are unsure of what scene we will film exactly due to complications with some of our actors(Griff!). This is only one of the important steps toward film festival success, we still have a long way to go with filming and the then editing the film. We can already see  that this may be one of the best film festival productions in the history of film festival, we have a great plot, and probably the best on screen couple in a film festival production, Adorn and Hope. When you look at the script, you know right away that the chemistry of these two actors is perfect. They get along so well together, that it looks like these rolls were destined for each other. Now that everything has fallen into place, the title, the on screen couple, the great crew of huckleberry supporting us every step of the way, all that’s left is making the film. If everything goes together correctly, there is no telling what could happen. That’s all for now from the land of huckleberry, until next time Adorn, Hope, and Colby leave with the words of Han Solo and George Lucas, “May the force be with you”.

Title change? Please help!


Hey there world, this is Doobs here coming at you from Huckleberry land, it’s a great day here, the sun is shining, it’s not too chilly – but wait, something’s wrong.. OH YEAH! The name of our movie! As a crew, we’ve all decided that the name of the movie should change. I mean, “The Return of Adorn”? I mean, it sounds like a bad George Lucas rip off. I definitely get the fact that it’s the third movie in a famous trilogy (see “Return of the King” and/or “The Return of the Jedi” for this reference) but really, the name just doesn’t roll of the tongue. We also think that due to extreme changes in the “Supah Adorn” script that it deserves a totally new name ( we’re thinking “Breaking Adorn” as a parody of “Breaking Dawn” but we aren’t 100% sure yet.) After talking to Mr. Alan, he tended to agree with us (though he seemed slightly disappointed as “the Return of the Adorn” was his idea.) He’s telling us now that “[he’s] got it; problem solved. [he’ll] tell [us] at the end of the period.” I absolutely trust his judgement, but if you have an ideas, let us know in the comments! Now as papa Jean often says: “Peace out my brothers and sisters.”

PS: Did anyone recognize the ‘stache?

Best On-Screen Couple EVA


So basically…..Hope Kelley and Daniel Adorn. After a couple amazing ideas and additions to the script, The Return of the Adorn has an entire new side story. The relationship between Hope and Adorn. From blowing kisses to looking at clouds…..from true love to true betrayal. This on-screen couple could be the best couple of all time to hit the Walpole High Film Festival. If you would like to see the updates just read the script under 2012 scripts! Now to Doobs with a special announcement…

THANKS CARL. What’s up Film Fest-ites?? This is Doobs here, and I had a wonderful idea today. HOW AWESOME would it be, if all-star actor Christopher Walken were to make a cameo in our movie?! I’m thinking he could play the Mexican radioactive longhorned lady bug that bites Adorn.. I’ll come back to this later if I get word from Walken’s publicist.. On a slightly less positive note: WE WERE HACKED TODAY! A certain film crew* interrupted our printing “accidentally” (suuure it was an accident.. WE’RE ON TO YOU SIFF). However, we managed to get some more storyboarding done today as well as starting work on our long list of shots! That’s all for me today. CYA!


Supah Adorn


Hey peeps!

Huckleberry is back! This time directing the final Adorn movie in the first trilogy of all time. After “The Day of Adorn”, I never thought I’d direct another Adorn movie. But after reading the amazing script and Adorn promising to actually memorize his lines, I had no other option but to pick it up. As of now the directors are me and Dan DuBois, but soon there will be other directors to work on Adorn of the Dead and Supah Adorn. Actors already casted include Adorn, Finkle, Griff, and more! It will be an exciting year and I look forward to all the challenges that await…